Library cards are free for residents of Brookfield and will be issued on the day of application, with the exception of online applications, which must be issued in person.

There is a $1.00 charge for the replacement of a lost library card.

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For An Adult Card:

For an Adult Card:

Brookfield residents age 14 and over are issued adult cards. You will be asked to complete an application and verify your current address with one of the following:

• A current Connecticut driver’s license;

• A document showing a current Brookfield address (rental lease, property deed, phone or utility bill, property tax receipt, postmarked mail, etc.);

• A checkbook with pre-printed address;

• A student ID card or parent’s proof of residency.

Apply Online

Apply Online
Apply Online

For A Child Card:

For a Child Card:

A child under age 14 may have his/her own library card. The child’s parent or guardian will be asked to complete and sign the application card for the child, assuming financial responsibility for any fines or lost charges. If the parent or guardian does not have a current Brookfield library card, proof of residency will be required (see above).

Apply Online

Apply Online