NEW! Brookfield Shares & Grows: A Seed Library

NEW! Brookfield Shares & Grows: A Seed Library
  • Ask about our Seed Library at our Circulation or Info & Teen Services desks.
  • Seeds are organized inside the Card Catalog alphabetically. The specific type of each seed is written on the back of its packet.
  • You can “check out” up to 8 envelopes per month, limited to two mini envelopes per seed type. For example, you are permitted to check out 2 packets of Big Max Pumpkins, 2 packets of Jack-O-Lanterns, 2 packets of Cherokee Bush, and 2 packets of Jack Be Little, but you cannot check out 8 packets of Cherokee Bush. Each mini envelope will have roughly 10 – 12 seeds, or an approximately equivalent “pinch” when seeds are too tiny to count.
  • Your name, library card barcode number, and which seeds/how many envelopes you took will be marked down in our Seed Library Log. Your name, barcode, and donation will also be logged should you donate to our Seed Library.
  • Please mind the growing instructions on the seed packet for your plant(s) of choice. You can take a picture on your phone, or the library can make a copy of the packet with our copy machine. We also have plenty of gardening books to help you, as well!
  • We ask that you please donate a seed packet in exchange for “checking” seeds out. Unfortunately, we cannot accept home harvested seeds at this time. Invasive species will not be accepted. You can find the Connecticut Invasive Plant List online.


Where is the Seed Library?

It’s in the Card Catalog to the left of the Business Center. Feel free to ask staff if you are having trouble locating it.

Can I put seeds on hold?

No. At this time we ask you please come in person to check out your seeds.

Can you get ___ seeds?

The Seed Library currently operates on the generosity of donations. We cannot, at this time, guarantee any specific kinds of seeds.

Why can’t I donate home-harvested seeds?

Although this rule may change in the future, at this time we cannot reliably verify the breed of each donated seed. For the sake of consistency and convenience, we ask that donations be seed packets purchased from a retailer.

I have some feedback on how you can improve the Seed Library.

Fantastic! We are still in our “seedling” stage and are open to ways the program can improve. Email suggestions to