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MinecraftCalling all Minecrafters!

The Brookfield Library is proud to be part of a multi-town Minecraft server project created by the Darien Library that is designed to bring Minecrafters in the region together in a safe and creative environment.

The new server features a common spawn-point where all players can gather and socialize–the Central Library.  From there, you can teleport to Brookfield’s very own world where you are free to mine, build, and craft to your heart’s content. Curious about what kids from other Fairfield County towns are up to?  You’re free to visit their worlds, but you can only build in your own world–the same goes for everyone else.  Worried about griefing? We’ve got it covered.  The server will be running many of the popular plugins you’re used to including Grief Prevention (so that you can claim areas to build upon) and Core Protect, so that if someone does mess with your stuff, we’ll know who it was and we can roll back the changes.

A note for parents: This server was conceptualized from the beginning to be a safe environment for kids and teens.  Before players can use the server, they’ll need to come in to the library and present their library card and tell us their player name. They will then be granted access to the server and given permission to build in their hometown world.  We will know who each player is and how to get in touch with them should an issue arise.  Safety and fun are our top priorities!

If you want to play, bring in your library card, tell us your player name, and we’ll add you to the server! You may also submit an online application to play.

Don’t have a library card yet? Apply online: ages 13 & under  |  ages 14-18

This server is currently open to Brookfield residents ages 18 and under only.

To connect, start Minecraft, click on multiplayer and add a new server.  You can call it Fairfield County Minecraft and use as the server address.

For more information on this project, please visit the Fairfield County Minecraft website.

Please note that only the PC and Mac software version of Minecraft is supported by this server.

Do NOT follow this link or you will be banned from the site!