Dan May, Co-President

Dan was born in New Haven and is the husband and father of 3. He has lived in Brookfield since 2012. He has lived in CT, ME, MD, TN, and Italy.

Dan is a U.S. Navy Veteran, has been an Air traffic controller for 30+ years, and has been the air traffic tower manager at Danbury airport since 2008.  He also works as a library custodian. Co-President of the Friends with his wife, Georgette May, for about 7 years.

Contact: friends@brookfieldlibrary.org

Georgette May, Co-President

Karen Murcott, Co-Treasurer

Dianne Mariano, Co-Treasurer

Dawn Cioffi, Secretary

Kevin Carneglia, Social Media Director

Kevin Carneglia is an author and freelance writer. He began writing short stories about 12 years ago, and continues writing today. He has written articles for Inquisitr.com, a trending news website, as well as operating a blog at www.mindtrappings.com.