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“Feathers, Fins and Scaly Skin: a wildlife retrospective”

Accomplished wildlife photographers Jud Perkins and Pat Duncan will exhibit their work at The Brookfield Library Art Gallery from March 2 – April 30. They bring their combined talent for visual artistry, using their cameras to capture unique subjects. “We don’t specialize in one subject over others but allow the location, time of day and subject matter to dictate.” said Pat Duncan. “Wildlife photography is especially gratifying as you are constantly trying to capture subjects that don’t pose and may be in flight. One gets great satisfaction from being able to “freeze” a subject and convey motion at the same time, especially with birds.” said Jud Perkins. Their award-winning work has been displayed in galleries all over Connecticut.

The Brookfield Library Art Gallery will be open for dedicated viewing of this exhibit on Fridays from 12:00 noon – 2:00 pm, in April and whenever there is not a library program in session.

“Pat and Jud have extraordinarily creative backgrounds. Jud started at Walt Disney Imagineering and was involved in the building of Walt Disney World. Pat found she had a knack for choosing art that catches the public’s eye and gained an appreciation for illustration. She started her own company, Great American Puzzle Factory, which she has since sold to a gaming company. So they are both steeped in the creative world and they bring their different perspectives to their photography. They were able to transfer their earlier creative experience to their love of photography and they now travel the world capturing fascinating subjects with their cameras. Come and see the show in March, you’ll love their colorful array of images.” said Library Director Yvonne Cech.

Jud Perkins Bio:

Jud got started in childhood with a Kodak Brownie and early Polaroid camera. After graduate school and an MBA in finance he went to work at Walt Disney Imagineering, the creative branch of the Disney organization responsible for the design of the Disney theme parks and the attractions within. Being in a creative organization gave him insight into the design and creative process plus the opportunity to learn design principles by osmosis while being in charge of the construction budget for Walt Disney World. Sixteen years with Disney including a friendship with the head of Walt Disney’s World’s photography department gave him further education in photography.

Professionally Jud was involved in the management of Walt Disney World, Madison Square Garden, a golf oriented real estate community in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico and the development of arenas for professional sports teams in New York, St. Louis, Ft. Lauderdale, Dallas and Sacramento. Today he is an arbitrator and mediator with the American Arbitration Association, FINRA (Financial Industry Regulatory Authority) and other organizations in this field.

Retirement gave Jud the opportunity to travel and hone his photo skills. Trips to Russia, China, South America, Costa Rica, California, Florida and Europe provided windows for many photographic opportunities.

Jud’s Work has been displayed and won awards at:
Carriage Barn Arts Center – New Canaan, CT
Hygienic Galleries – New London, CT
Mystic Museum of Art – Mystic, CT
Heart of the Arts – Milford, CT
Lyme Photo Show – Lyme, CT

Pat Duncan Bio:

After five years of corporate life with Xerox Corporation in New York City and Washington DC, Pat Duncan honed her independent streak by starting her own business in the toy world with jigsaw puzzles for grown-ups, later segueing into children’s puzzles as well. In addition to setting up a sales force, hiring a staff, and getting production in the United States, she picked images from artists portfolios as well as pursuing licenses such as John Deere, Budweiser, Garfield the Cat, Where’s Waldo?, Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego, and Dora the Explorer…among others.

The puzzles were popular and sold at Walmart, Target Stores, Barnes & Noble, and Toys R Us along with the thousands of independent toy and gift stores.

She found a knack for choosing art that catches the public’s eye, gaining an appreciation for illustration. Bouncing between the management and setting the direction of her company, Great American Puzzle Factory, she discovered artists from all over the world.

After selling the business to a game company, she then joined SCORE, a resource arm of the Small Business Administration becoming a volunteer mentor for people wanting to start their own businesses. Pat has mentored roughly 200 clients in the last ten years.

Pat also got involved in photography and found she had an eye for what makes for fascinating and sometimes amusing photos, a carryover from choosing illustrations for jigsaw puzzles.

Pat’s work has been displayed and won awards at:
Carriage Barn Arts Center – New Canaan, CT
Lyme Photo Show – Lyme, CT
Milford Photo Show – Milford, CT

This Art Gallery space has been made possible by the generous support of The Friends of the Brookfield Library. The mission of this nonprofit organization is to support the library through fundraising, including the annual July book sale, the Friends’ primary fundraising event.

Area artists are invited to submit samples of their work either in person at the library or by sending an email to gallery@brookfieldlibrary.org. The Art Gallery Committee will review all submissions and will contact those selected and schedule exhibits. Library patrons will be able to see each exhibit as they attend library programs in the community room. Additionally, several hours each week will be dedicated to viewing for each exhibit.

For more information about this topic, please contact Brookfield Library Director Yvonne Cech at (203) 775-6241 or ycech@brookfieldlibrary.org.

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