The Brookfield Library offers Notary services at no charge, however, we reserve the right to charge a fee, not to exceed the fee as stated in the State of Connecticut Notary Public Manual. While we strive to have a Notary during all open hours, we suggest that you call ahead to the library, 203-775-6241, to be sure that a Notary is on duty at the time you plan to come in. Services are available during library opening hours, at least one-half hour before closing.

The Library’s Notaries will witness document signing or signing a sworn statement on a document. They verify, by their signature and seal, that you are who you say you are.

Do not sign your document in advance. Notarization requires that you sign in the presence of the Notary. A document to be notarized must consist of a legal form. It cannot be a handwritten piece of paper.

Two forms of ID must be provided. These include an up-to-date driver’s license or government issued photo ID, plus one other form of identification showing your name (credit card or work identification are acceptable).

Please note that birth certificates or social security cards are not valid identification. Notaries cannot sign documents unless they are certain that the customer is who he/she purports to be.

If more than one witness is required, please bring a witness with you, with two forms of proper identification. In Connecticut, a Notary may also act as a witness.

The library only notarizes documents written in English, and the signer must be able to communicate with the Notary in English.

Notaries cannot certify copies of driver’s licenses, passports or visas, or vital records such as birth, marriage or death certificates. Please note that certified copies of these can generally be obtained from the issuing authority.

The Library’s Notaries cannot notarize wills, trusts, I-9 forms, power of attorney, prenuptial agreements , marriage licenses, health care documents, or land records that would end up in the Town’s vault.

Please be aware that Library Notaries do not offer legal advice. They reserve the right to decline service if the documents, identifications or circumstances of the request raise any issue of authenticity, ambiguity or doubt, or if the signer does not understand the proceedings.

Notary service is only available to Brookfield residents.